American Legion Boys State

Prominent Graduates

Attendee Boys State Year Accomplishments
Fred Akers Arkansas 1955 Head Football Coach -
Wyoming, Texas, Purdue University
Lamar Alexander Tennessee 1957 Former Governor of Tennessee
Former Secretary of Education
Presidential Candidate
Neil Armstrong Ohio 1946 NASA Astronaut
First man on the moon
Bruce Babbitt Arizona 1956 Two term Governor of Arizona
U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Max Baucus Montana 1960 U.S. Senator
Shawn Bradley Utah 1989 Professional Basketball Player
Tom Brokaw South Dakota 1957 News Commentator
Richard Cheney Wyoming 1958 Former Secretary of Defense
William J. Clinton Arkansas 1963 Former Attorney General of Arkansas
Former Governor of Arkansas
President of the United States
Michael S. Dukakis Massachusetts 1950 Governor of Massachusetts
Democratic Presidential Nominee - 1988
Roger Ebert Illinois 1959 Pulitzer Prize for literary criticism
Movie Critic
H.F. "Sparky" Gierke North Dakota 1961 Past National Commander
State Supreme Court Justice
Justice of U.S. Court of Military Appeals
Lee W. Huebner Wisconsin 1957 One of Ripon Society Founders
Speech writer and Special assistant to President Nixon
Publisher of International Herald Tribune
(Paris, France)
James B. Hunt, Jr. North Carolina 1954 Governor of North Carolina
Fob James Alabama 1948 Former Governor of Alabama
Al Jarreau Wisconsin 1957 Renowned Jazz Singer
James Jones Oklahoma 1956 U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (1993-)
Former Congressman
Chairman of American Mercantile Exchange
Michael Jordan North Carolina 1980 Professional Basketball Player
Donnie Kessinger Arkansas 1959 Professional Baseball Player (Chicago Cubs)
Manager of Chicago White Sox
Head Baseball Coach - University of Mississippi
Charles Larsen Nebraska 1958 Vice Admiral - U.S. Navy
Superintendent - U.S. Naval Academy
Rush Limbaugh, Jr. Missouri 1968 Syndicated radio/television talk show host
Best selling author
Trent Lott Mississippi 1958 U.S. Congressman
Richard Lugar Indiana 1949 Former Mayor of Indianapolis
U.S. Senator
Presidential Candidate
M. Peter McPherson Michigan 1956 Former Director of Agency for International Development
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
President - Michigan State University
Bob Miller Nevada 1968 Governor of Nevada
E. Benjamin Nelson Nebraska 1958 Governor of Nebraska
Allen H. Neuharth South Dakota 1941 Former Chairman of Gannet Publishing Co., Inc.
Founder of USA Today
Sam Nunn Georgia 1954 U.S. Senator
Richard W. Riley South Carolina 1949 Former Governor of South Carolina
Secretary of Education

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